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  • Wound Care

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers

  • Venus Lower Leg Ulcers

  • Trauma Wound

  • Pressure Injuries (Ulcers)

  • Surgical Wound

  • Wound Debridement

If you have any concerns about your wounds, please contact us at Valley Podiatric Wound Care.


We offer a multitude of services and we strive to provide the best possible care to our patients. Our team is made up of a dedicated group of professionals whose personal goal is to make coming to Valley Podiatric Wound Care 
an unforgettable experience.

Diabetic Wound Management

Our Podiatrists will educate both you and your family through consistent monitoring and early intervention in order to maintain the health of your feet. We will offer the best treatments for Diabetic Wounds to help you in the different stages you are in.

infographic of a diabetic foot with ulcers, calluses, bunions and nerve damage



Do not go barefoot - to avoid getting puncture wounds.  For example, walking outdoors on hot walkways and beaches. For optimal foot care, work with our doctors or a nutritionist.

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diabetic foot ulcer with a wound on heel and forefoot

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

A Foot Ulcer is a chronic condition that develops over time. Usually in an area that has a callus, for example on the ball of the foot or high-pressure areas.


Some causes are Neuropathy, Trauma (Sometimes repeated or isolated event like a puncture), and Diabetes.


Our scheduling coordinator will contact you to confirm your appointment. If you require a same-day appointment, please contact us by phone at (559) 570-5377.

Office Hours: Mon, Tue & Fri    8AM - 5PM


Wound Foot Care

We focus on the health and care of our patients, by diagnosing and treating foot and ankle wounds. Making sure that your healing process is on track and on the road to recovery. 



Debridement is a procedure that promotes natural healing, by removing damaged and dead skin tissue around the wound.

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Meet Our Doctors

Deborshi Dasgupta, DPM

Dr. Deborshi Dasgupta

Dr. Deborshi Dasgupta is originally from Torrence, California, and specializes in Diabetic Wound Care, Preventative Care, and Musculoskeletal Care. He is Board Certified with the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and is fluent in Spanish, Bengali, and Hindi.


He attended podiatry school at Kent State University of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Dasgupta then went on to do his residency training at University Hospital Richmond Medical Center, where he received extensive training in diabetic foot care, limb salvage, wound care, and outpatient clinic.

Dr. Dasgupta began his interest in podiatry through a personal experience around the time he was attending undergraduate school, with a hairline fracture in the fibula. After seeing the process and being exposed to the field, he then started shadowing and pursued Podiatry for his concentration.  

Outside of the office, he enjoys cooking, singing, and currently has a Blue Belt in Taekwondo. He is training towards achieving the rest of his belt rank requirements. 


Residency & Internship: University Hospitals Richmond Medical Center, Cleveland Ohio

Medical School: Kent State University of Podiatric Medicine, Cleveland Ohio

Undergraduate: University of California, San Diego

Patient Review

anna thomas.png

Dr. D is the best! Kind but honest. He definitely is a great guy. His staff is nice and caring. This is a great place for diabetic patients with foot problems!

My name is Dr. Deborshi Dasgupta. The year that I started is 2019.


I chose to get into Podiatry because it was a profession that offered me the ability to not only treat patients in the outpatient setting but also in a variety of settings such as hospitals, wound centers, and care facilities. It encompassed areas of surgery, clinical care, as well as academics.

All of which I value greatly.


To me, the most satisfying and valuable part of the job is educating patients and finding treatments where sometimes they've been searching for months. To see the smile from a patient after they find their questions answered or obtain the relief that is the most satisfying part of my job.

My name is Dr. Laura Rowe, I joined the practice here in 2020.


I was motivated to be a podiatrist by shadowing another podiatrist in my hometown, in Hanford California. By thinking about the ways that feet affect our everyday life. The many ways that they can cause issues and the way as a podiatrist help people get back to more regular activity. By treating the conditions of the foot and ankle.


The thing that really makes my day, when someone had a problem, whether it was pain, or wound, or else and we're able to see them through. From the consult, through the healing process, and then you know... watching people walk out the office and say "Good Job".

Doctor and Patient

Laura Rowe, DPM

Dr. Laura Rowe was born and raised in Hanford, CA, where she grew up playing soccer and cross country and going on numerous trips into the mountains. After majoring in chemistry and taking brief career detours in wine chemistry and AmeriCorps. She went to podiatric medical school in Pomona, California, and graduated with high honors. She then completed a podiatric surgical residency with reconstructive rear-foot and ankle certification at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut.

Dr. Rowe is excited to return (at last!) to the San Joaquin Valley and to participate in all aspects of podiatric care ranging from diabetic and wound care, to foot injuries and aches, to surgical reconstruction of complex foot and ankle pathologies. In her spare time, Dr. Rowe enjoys gardening, baking, unicycling or biking and hiking in the Sierra Nevadas with her husband whenever they can get up to them.


Residency: Yale New Haven Foot & Ankle Surgery Residency, New Haven, CT

Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, CA

Undergraduate: Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA

Dr. Laura Rowe
Doctor and Patient

Jeffrey Moy, DPM

Dr. Jeffrey Moy is a specialist in foot and ankle management. Originally from the Chicagoland area, he attended podiatry school at Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in North Chicago. Dr. Moy then went on to do his residency training at Bridgeport Hospital in Connecticut where he received extensive training in diabetic wound care and diabetic limb salvage.

Dr. Moy‘s training encompasses all aspects of lower extremity care specifically pathology pertaining to the foot and ankle. His areas of particular interest include complexities of the diabetic foot, wound care, limb salvage and sports medicine.


Residency: Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, CT

Medical School: Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, North Chicago, IL

Undergraduate: University of Illinois Urbaba—Champaign-Bachelor of Science, Urbana, IL

Dr. Jeffery Moy

Patient Review

I've been here 3 or 4 times now each time seeing Dr. Rowe, (apologies if I spelt the name wrong!) Anyway, after having gone to a previous podiatrist who gave me nerve issues with my toe I was very nervous about getting the same procedure done. Dr. Rowe was straight to the point and explained everything very thorough. Her method of the ingrown toenail procedure was far better than any other podiatrist I've gone to. She did my procedures 3 separate occasions and each time I got a better result. My healing time was much faster with her methods as well. My last visit was this week hopefully my last cuz man they hurt! Anyway, we did the procedure one more time and I have to say a big thank you! This has been the fastest and painless healing I've had yet! Definitely recommend Dr. Rowe, her work is great!

My name is Dr. Jeffrey Moy. I started practicing in the year of 2016.


When I was in my undergrad I was kind of at that turning point of trying to figure out what I wanted to do. So I ended up shadowing a podiatrist close to my University. I found it to be very rewarding just seeing the different services that he was able to provide, the number of different things he was able to treat, the variety that he saw.


What do I find valuable or rewarding in my job, I would have to say the relationships that you develop with patients. So one of the most common things that we see here in the Podiatry office are diabetic foot wounds, are a very involved process that requires multiple visits. So over that time we really get to develop a relationship with patients. For me, I would have to say that's the most rewarding.

Patient Testimonial

My name is Paula Parker. My wound actually began with my chemotherapy treatments. My treatment has been from last year of September all the way up until now, present. My wounds began to heal, I could see progress in March of this year. The state I was in, very uncomfortable but with the treatments being applied it made it less uncomfortable.


Doctors having great bedside manners but the staff overall, really concerned, very kind. I would recommend others to come here because I was in a really serious state. The pain and stuff that I had experienced before the wound care was just. It was too hard to even try to explain it but right now I'm doing so much better because each time that I've came I have received excellent care.

Nurse with Protective Mask



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